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AMP Honors Program
AMP Honors Program

Welcome to AMP Honors Program

Want to unlock a career in healthcare? You belong here. Join our FREE Community.

About AMP Honors Program

At American Medical Pathway (AMP) Honors Program, we are a free, online community for motivated high school students and college students interested in personalized support for pursuing a career in healthcare.

Whether you want to be a doctor, nurse, dentist, technician, athletic trainer or any other profession in the healthcare field, this is the place for you.


Here, you get more than inspiring resources and tools. 

You get mentorship. 

You get to talk to people who have been on the path you want to go on.

You even get to sit in on interviews with medical professionals. 

We want you to connect with us, an entire community of real-life mentors, who know what it’s like to not only walk this path but achieve it.

Why You Should Join

When you join our free community and app, access:

+ A welcoming community of students like you, who are also interested in medicine and other healthcare fields

+ Exclusive content and independent learning opportunities custom made by industry-leading healthcare professionals and educators to deepen your understanding of both the scientific and human sides of healthcare

+ Advice and support from experts on college, pre-health, and graduate admissions

+ Volunteer opportunities and networking events to help you build a proven track record of interest in healthcare and become a more competitive, holistic candidate

On a typical day in the AMP community, you might:


  • Pick up tips on how to come across as competitively as possible in a medical school interview

  • Listen to professionals in medicine or other healthcare fields talk about their day in one of AMP’s live Q&As

  • Join a discussion on a real-life ethical situation you might face in a research lab

  • Read about how medicine is practiced around the globe. 


And of course, you’ll learn about the nitty-gritty of the human body—from modern medical marvels to deep dives into the fundamentals of anatomy and physiology.

Ready to nerd out with us? 

Us, too. 

We can’t wait to have you and show the possibilities for your dream.


Q: Why is this free?

A: We are committed to making this awesome community accessible for students and families. There is no financial obligation to be a part of AMP.

Q: How old do I need to be to join?

A: You must be at least 13 years of age to join.

Q: Who can join AMP?

A: AMP is designed for anyone who can benefit from and contribute to our growing community. Yes, that's probably you. Whether you're in high school, college, graduate school, a health educator, a mentor, or a medical professional, this is for you.

Q: Is this a big time commitment?

A: No. Just like any social media app on your phone, you can be as involved as you like.